CIMONS (Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring Service)

CIMONS (Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring Service) from SIL is a value-based enterprise IT monitoring service that provides an organization’s stakeholders with a real-time holistic view on the health and performance of their entire IT infrastructure, network and applications.

In today’s business environment, IT systems are considered critical components of an organization’s strategic, tactical and operational functions. IT systems help to build an organization’s level of competitiveness, as well as assist in maintaining a company’s competitive advantage in the market place.

SIL understands that IT systems need to grow along with the demands placed on them by the people they serve. And for an organization’s IT systems to grow efficiently and systematically, careful planning based on continuous monitoring and support of those systems is required.

CIMONS has been designed to meet these evolving IT challenges through SIL’s many years of experience in building and maintaining complex industry specific turnkey solutions and enterprise-wide systems that are designed to run on a 24/7 basis.

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