Which CIMONS is right for you?

CIMONS is packaged under four unique editions that have been individually designed to meet the requirements of each customer, and based on the complexity of the setup to be monitored. All CIMONS editions allow you to securely monitor your equipment and services via a centralized web-based CIMONS dashboard:

The Standard Edition is designed for medium-sized organizations.

This edition will provide your team and SIL with email alerts and notifications on systems issues as well as excesses in threshold. In addition, SIL will provide a half yearly Health Status Report based on the alerts and notifications triggered by the system. The reports will address non- compliance to set thresholds, as well as application issues, thus helping you to identify issues in your IT systems, proactively plan downtime, and thus help keep your systems running at optimal performance.



The Enterprise Edition is designed for large organisations whose IT requirements include the monitoring of systems that support critical business processes.

This edition includes all the features of the Standard Edition but goes further by delivering additional value-added services designed to meet the needs of a growing Enterprise faced with a competitive business environment. These services include Instant SMS Alerts notifying you and SIL on systems issues (optional); Quarterly Performance Trends Reports of monitored equipment/services highlighting deficiencies in performance; Service Uptime and Peak Utilization Reports every six months helping you to fine-tune any latency issues; Version / Patch Upgrade Recommendations Reports allowing you to effectively plan for important updates and; Remote Monitoring allowing you to securely monitor your equipment and services via a web browser and the same centralized CIMONS dashboard.


The Managed Services Edition forms a vital component for any organisation that has made large investments in their IT systems, in order to ensure the smooth running of their critical business functions.  In other words, this edition is designed to cater for your long term infrastructure and applications monitoring needs.

To ensure that your systems continue to function harmoniously and without hindrances, this edition provides all the features of the Enterprise Edition, but also includes a half yearly Capacity Planning and Recommendation Report. It also provides monthly Health Status Reports to ensure that all your systems continue to run at their optimum performance throughout the contract period, as well as implementation of the corrective measures.


The Service on Demand Edition is an ad-hoc offering designed to help you identify systems issues that you are experiencing, and for which you require immediate expert investigation.

This edition is deployed at your site for a specific period of time whereby issues with your IT infrastructure and services are identified. Based on the findings at the time of analysis, a report is then provided to you with detailed recommendations for corrective measures and actions. This edition also includes email + SMS alerts and notifications (optional) on systems issues as well as excesses in threshold. The Service on Demand Edition is designed to meet the needs of both medium and large-sized organisations.


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