Why Choose CIMONS?

CIMONS handles simultaneous high performance real-time monitoring of multiple servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications and allows users to gather virtually limitless types of data from a network.

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  •  The CIMONS package and service provides your IT department with the following value-added benefits:

    • Our Expertise

    The CIMONS team have extensive experience and knowledge in implementing and managing mission critical IT enivironments in areas such as government, finance and national security.

    • Accuracy & Control

    Gain further control over performance and availability of your networks and applications through pin-point accuracy of systems’ monitoring data from CIMONS, and meaningful data interpretation through SIL’s information systems monitoring expertise.

    • Real-time Alerts

    Receive 24/7 automatic monitoring notifications and alerts through web, email, mobile and SMS, allowing your team to plan for timely escalation of issues and thus reducing overall unplanned downtime.

    • Trends Identification

    Receive detailed systems reports that will aid you and your team in identifying long-term trends/variations in performance that could lead to unwarranted systems failures down the road.

    • Plan for Efficient Growth

    Use CIMONS reports to develop substantiative management reports that will help you to plan for the future IT growth of your organization. Also, reduce your overall operational costs based on zero waste of network and applications’ resources. 


    CIMONS offers an array of features that make it a competitive one stop monitoring service.

    • Email Alerts & Notifications 

    You will be notified by mail on non-compliance, application issues as well as excess in threshold.

    •  SMS Alerts to Customer and SIL

    You will be notified through SMS about non-compliance, application issues as well as excess in threshold. This feature is dependent on an SMS gateway.

    • Health Status Report

    Reports will be based on the alerts and notifications triggered by CIMONS. The reports will address non-compliance, application issues as well as excess in threshold.

    • Performance Trends Report

    The report will be based on performance trends for monitored equipment/services and deficiencies will brought to the attention of the customer. 

    • Capacity Planning & Recommendation Report

    The report will enable the customer to address issues with the monitored equipment/services and to plan for replacement/upgrades/enhancements based on the report's recommendations.

    • Service Uptime and Peak Utilizations Reports

    The report will provide the customer with details about the services uptime, downtimes and peak utilization times. This will help to fine-tune any latency issues that a particular service might encounter.

    • Versions/Patch Upgrade Recommendations Reports

    The report will provide the customer with details about the service pack/patch/firmware levels for the monitored equipment and supported operating systems. The customer will be able to plan updates accordingly.

    • Remote Monitoring

    You will be able to remotely and securely monitor the equipment and services via a web browser and the same centralized CIMONS dashboard.

    • Findings and Recommendations for Corrective Actions Reports

    A report will be provided to the customer with detailed corrective measures based on the findings at the time of analysis.

    • Appliance (Hardware) + LED Display

    Depending on the chosen edition, CIMONS will be hosted on a 1U rack-mount or an enterprise level 1U rack-mount appliance with internal storage and KVM capabilities and can include redundant power supply. The Professional Edition and Managed Services Edition also include an LED screen for real-time display of information.


    The supported Platforms for CIMONS include:

    Mac OS X
    Open BSD
    SCO Open Server
    Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8

  • Compliance with SLA

    Our service will help you to comply with agreed service levels for continued support of your business operations, through visibility on critical aspects of your IT systems. This is an important aspect of compliance if your organisation forms part of a regulated industry.