Investments in other Business Opportunities

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SIL has been extending its business line during its years of existence in the ICT Sector, both locally and in the African region. This has enhanced its popularity and diversity of services provided.

The companies in which SIL has invested are as follows:

1.   SILNAM IT Solution (PTY) Ltd

SILNAM IT Solutions (Propriety) Ltd is a subsidiary company based in Namibia. It provides information technology products and services and nay related services in the African Region. SILNAM was originally set up in 2001.


2.   DistriPC Ltd and Elytis Ltd

SIL has invested in DistriPC and Elytis jointly with the Leal group.

DistriPC Limited is the major wholesaler and distributor of Lexmark & ViewSonic products in the local market.  It offers a wide range of products ranging from Printers, Monitors, Computer Parts, UPS, Networking products, Supplies, etc.

Elytis is mainly involved in the distribution of Microsoft and Symantec products for the Indian Ocean and French Pacific regions.

3.   SILBOTS (PTY) Ltd

With the recent large investments into the ICT sector of the Republic of Botswana and the growing number of opportunities transpiring, the State Informatics Limited decided to invest in the country through the setting up of a local office