Successfully implementation of COTS by SIL for the Mauritius Police Force passes real situation test

SIL has successfully implemented the Crime Occurrence Tracking System (COTS) project for the Mauritius Police Force using state of the art technology.

Upon completion of both phases of the COTS projects, a total of over 127 police stations and units were covered by the system for the Republic of Mauritius and Rodrigues. COTS Phase II was completed in October 2015 and the running of the whole system in real working situation has now been evaluated and shows that the system stands the test of usage in real situation.

COTS from SIL is helping the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) achieve its objective in automating their process with the help of new technologies. As such, the processes of the MPF for law enforcement are optimized and foster better crime occurrence tracking. The automated process also equips the MPF with the necessary intelligence to keep track on the progress of cases. The availability of information and resources, guided by this intelligence, helps to better resolve criminal cases.

The COTS project was deployed in 2 phases where the first phase of the project consisted of deploying the application for two major divisions of the police force, which covered a total of 41 units and police stations. Phase I went live on 30th of November 2012 and included training of over 1,200 police officers.

The application was further extended to other divisions and police stations of the country, including the island of Rodrigues, with the implementation of Phase II of the COTS system. This involved extension of the existing network to the other police stations, upgrading of the existing hardware infrastructure at the police headquarters to accommodate for additional users on the system and provisioning of personal computers and communication equipment to equip the remaining police stations.


The successful implementation of COTS has proven its reliability and contribution to efficiency for the last two years. SIL has ensured that this system, based on technology from a world leader in software, runs as expected and delivers as per needs.