SIL conducts Security Workshop with Palo Alto

SIL conducted a Security Workshop on 24 November 2016 at its headquarters in Port Louis, with experts from Palo Alto. The workshop was open to a select group of IT experts from Mauritius working in companies and government organisations. SIL is a certified partner of Palo Alto for Mauritius.

Palo Alto is a leading global provider of IT security solutions. The Security platform includes Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection (Traps), Wildfire Cloud Sandboxing, Aperture (Cloud visibility). The workshop was conducted by Adriaan Joubert, Systems Engineer, Ori Pliner, Endpoint Product Specialist, EMEA and Brandon Rochat, Regional Sales Manager, Sub Saharan Africa, all from Palo Alto.

Adriaan Joubert was the leading expert for the event. He has architected, engineered and delivered on some of Africa’s most advanced next generation network security solutions as well as endpoint solutions at a vast range of organisations in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, Adriaan performed a similar role at McAfee in the United Kingdom as well as South Africa.

The clients who attended the workshop were able to perform a PoC (Proof of CONCEPT) with a report free of charge and they benefited from key knowhow about attackers and the techniques they use in cybercrime, as well as the multiple kill-points to prevent all aspects of an attack.  

One important feature of the workshop was the hands-on session of participants on Security operations, with guidance from the Palo Alto experts.

SIL sales staff also learned how to how to engage on PoC on the new firewalls and got a better understanding of TRAPS.