Young IT graduates benefit from SIL support

SIL has been active in 2016 again in support to capacity building in the IT field at national level. Several projects in this regard have been conducted by SIL and the company has participated in other activities that promote capacity building in this field.

During the past year, SIL has trained 15 graduates. Ten of those, coming from University of Mauritius or the ICT Academy, have benefited from a full year traineeship with SIL. Other students from the ICT Academy have been on internship for 3 months or 6 months. SIL has also offered a one-year traineeship to one disabled person. This support to young students has also been implemented thanks to a training event in Java SE 8 programming conducted by SIL experts for 17 students of the ICT Academy.

In addition to training and internship, SIL has conducted promotion activities in order to showcase its activities and its field of business to students and to prospective employees. In this regard, the company has reached directly to the youth interested in the IT field at University of Mauritius and Charles Telfair Institute by participating to the career fairs of these institutions.