TaMIS now available on the cloud with additional features to complement your HR needs

The new edition of TaMIS (TaMIS 2.0) was revealed during the fourth edition of eGov Conference held at InterContinental Hotel, Balaclava, on 05th & 06th Avril 2017. TaMIS 2.0, with its new functionalities, is geared to the needs of private and public organisations, irrespective of their business sector, in Mauritius and on the international market.

Designed for medium to large businesses, TaMIS 2.0 is a cloud based integrated HR management system with a comprehensive suite of modules for effective Human Capital Management and decision-making. Its design is based on the common processes and best practices of the Human Resources functions. TaMIS 2.0, hence, enhances the effectiveness of common HR activities while also aligning with the strategic HR needs of an organisation in terms of automation and productivity enhancement.

TaMIS 2.0 is fully operational on a cloud platform and requires no initial investment in onsite IT infrastructure. In addition to the suite of modules from the first release, TaMIS 2.0 now has a “Facilities Management” module for the management of company parking spaces as well as driver rosters. The new version of TaMIS also integrates the “Benefit Administration” module that can manage medical schemes and passage benefits of employees. Last but not least, the new “Manager Self Service” module allow personnel at supervisory levels to initiate employment actions and have a better view on progress of ongoing recruitment procedures.

With nearly 3 decades of experience, SIL has to date successfully implemented HR Management projects in more than twenty Government and private organisations in Mauritius, Burundi, Zambia and Namibia. As such, SIL continues to consolidate its expertise and experience to provide the best solution and service in the African region.

Please feel free to visit the TaMIS Website for further information and Contact us to request a demo.