SIL participated at the Innovtech Rodrigues 2017 from 04th to 06th August 2017 at Malabar in Rodrigues.

The aim for SIL to be present at the Innovtech was to promote innovative and technological strategies for SMEs. SIL therefore seized this opportunity to showcase its expertise in providing IT solutions for the SMEs in the Human Resource Function.

Based on SIL’s best practices of the Human Resources function, TaMIS Payroll services is a new service which is being offered as a software as a service with payroll outsourcing services to all local SME’s in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Whether an SME is a startup or an established business, the result of this solution is a bundled service that responds to effective HR activities.

Outsourcing Payroll services helps businesses to focus on their core business operations with its numerous benefits it provides. TaMIS Payroll services helps by simpifying payment to employees and processing accurate payroll. With its simple user interface, TaMIS Payroll services is browser based and available anytime, anywhere. Compliant with labour law as well as Government statutory returns like PAYE, Social Security, and NPF Contributions, TaMIS Payroll services allows SMEs to save more as there is no investments to be made and this service offered by SIL is at a very low cost. SIL also provides for free training and free telephonic support.

InnovTech, formerly known as InfoTech, is an initiative of the National Computer Board and the Ministry of Technology Communication and Innovation, in collaboration with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly with the aim to create more awareness on emerging technologies and bring ICT closer to the citizens. It also provide a platform for ICT companies to showcase their products and services. The theme for this edition of InnovTech Rodrigues was “Connecting communities”.

For more information on TaMIS Payroll services, please call on 23078000 or sign up on