SIL equips the Civil Service with Human Resource Management Information System

SIL’s Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), based on Oracle technology, is currently being implemented by our expert engineers at the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms in Mauritius.

SIL has been selected by that Ministry for the modernisation of its human resource (HR) system. This project constitutes a major reform initiative, which aims at making the human resource management (HRM) and financial operations of the ministry more efficient and effective.

The HRMIS project is seen as a turnkey solution for the Ministry and for more than 50 000 employees of the Civil Service. SIL is fully committed to the success of this project, as it will support in optimising the working conditions of civil servants – who deliver essential services to citizens, businesses and organisations as well as to the civil service personnel.

The system comprises of five core modules, namely Human resources, Payroll, Performance management, Learning management and Employee self-service. These will undeniably streamline the present HR processes and the related financial operations of the Ministry. For example, payment of salaries will no more necessitate the filling of various forms, which have to be submitted at a particular date. Also, the re-engineering of processes will render the Human Resource Management functions more effective. Strategic HRM will also become a reality, with the availability of timely online information on human resources.

SIL has acquired substantial expertise in HR. We have performed specialised HR consulting, developed and rolled out a proven and regularly updated HRM system, which has been running for the last 15 years. Our system is based on Oracle technologies. We have been a strategic partner of Oracle for the past 24 years.

Today, citizens, visitors, businessmen and civil servants, are enjoying service and support from government agencies daily, thanks to important systems that have been developed and implemented by SIL’s team of consultants, developers and engineers. Some examples are the  which caters for Company Registration, Vehicle Registration System for the National Transport Authority, Crime Occurrence Tracking System implemented Companies & Business Registration Integrated Systemfor the Mauritius Police Force, the Integrated Tax Administration Solution used by the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the the Immigration Border Control System for the Passport and Immigration Office.


March 2014