SIL brings forward modernisation initiative for its eGov customers

Modernisation is key to the success of every organisation and this cannot be achieved without up to date IT systems and resources. State Informatics Limited (SIL) is coming forward with a modernisation initiative, offering our customers the opportunity to smoothly move towards the newest technologies available today.

For more than two decades, SIL has been successfully delivering state of the art solutions to clients across government sectors in Mauritius and various countries in the African region. Customers are using applications based on different technology waves, ranging from character-based terminals to the latest web-based architecture. This situation is not conducive to a government’s vision to better serve the public at large, while optimising the cost of government services. Our modernisation process will help reduce the gap between technologies used and level up to international IT standards.

By adopting this initiative, our customers will benefit from all the advantages provided by leading-edge technologies, namely, social media, mobile applications, business intelligence, self-service applications and much more. They will, in time, earn very high returns on their investment in business process optimisation, training, licences and technical knowhow. Investing now in new technologies will bring businesses a whole lot of new perspectives in the future.

SIL HRMS – Managing Human Resources in a Modern Perspective

As business process automation is implemented, additional features are required to answer specific business and security needs. SIL has recently integrated a new authentication service and workflow, including e-mail notification, as part of its Human Resource Management Service (HRMS) solution. These will be rolled out as part of upcoming systems.

Today, user roles and access rights management is the most commonly used method to secure Information Systems and control accessibility to confidential business data. Users can only access data and parts of applications that are authorised to their user accounts. Authentication functionalities, like password encryption, password strength levels and expiry contribute to a more secure system. Authentication can also allow users to cumulate more than one user role. Hence, giving them access to more options of the particular system.

SIL’s new applications now cater for activities which follow an ‘approval hierarchy’, where approval is required to perform specific actions. This concept has been implemented in the applications’ workflow and numerous hierarchy levels can be easily be defined, be it for users of different modules of an application. The workflow is highly dynamic and customisable and, in case additional modules are added to the application the workflow will adapt to them accordingly.

Additionally, the workflow comprises of an e-mail notification service, which notifies all concerned parties of the hierarchy whenever a request is received. E-mail is despatched down the hierarchy; this mean that upper levels are not notified until an action is required from their side or until after they have taken any action on the request. These new features will help managing human resources queries in an even more effective and reliable manner.


March 2014