SIL appointed as Oracle training partner

SIL is now an important Oracle training partner for Mauritius. Being an approved Oracle Education Reseller, SIL will impart training to IT experts and students as well as to specialists in different fields, leading to technical or user certification in Oracle. Courses are scheduled to start in June 2015.

SIL has extended experience in implementation of Oracle solutions and in development on Oracle platforms, for over 20 years. The company has provided product training to its clients and is now armed to deliver fully the Oracle curriculum to the general public or organisations, under the defined streams as an approved Oracle Education Reseller.

The courses are designed and can be tailored to target different audiences, ranging from the public sector, individual end users, system administrators and university students to suit their specific needs. The training centre will be targeting not only the Mauritian market but also the regional and African markets, leveraging on its offices in Botswana and Namibia.

In addition to the training streams tailored for the working professionals and corporate clients, SIL is providing Oracle training under the Oracle Workforce Development program. This program will offer official Oracle curriculum to University graduates from various education centres at a lower cost. SIL is therefore helping in making these students more employable, as they will have the opportunity to become certified Oracle professionals in various fields at a very affordable price.  Enhancing the standards of the potential employees will help as part of the bigger national initiative of capacity building in IT and related fields, and in terms of increasing the employability of the students once on the job market.

SIL has a highly qualified pool of professional trainers and based on their level of expertise in various areas, they will be able to showcase their practical know-how all throughout the different training classes.  All the trainers have over 5 years of practical, hands-on experience in Oracle products.

Fields of study:

Available options are as follows:

1.    Degree in IT – Technical paths leading to a technical oracle certification

2.    Degree in HR – Functional paths leading to an Oracle HR related certification

3.    Degree in Finance/Accounting – Functional paths leading to an Oracle Financials related certification

4.   4.    Conversion course from a non-IT degree to specific technical/functional paths, as part of the generic program.