Efficiently deliver with fully automated and customised payroll processes

    The software provides a comprehensive set of functionalities that enables HR staff to accurately compute and deliver the employees’ payroll on payday, all ready to be printed on pay-slips and bank transfers.

    All payroll processes are fully automated and are as per statutory laws and regulations.

    The system includes a whole set of standard HR and Payroll reports that can be adapted according to the requirements of each organisation.


    Track and reward performance

    TaMIS provides a comprehensive set of tools to maintain and track information on the performance of employees.

    Users can define performance appraisal classes and key result areas (KRAs) as well as outcomes of any appraisal.

    The performance management system is integrated with the payroll module for adjusting rewarding schemes according to the result of each appraisal.


    Control and protect data access Image

    Through defined user accounts and privileges, only authorised users in specific HR roles are granted access to the system.

    The system deals with security aspects, including information confidentiality and unauthorised user access, both at the application and database levels.

    The back-end database of SIL HRMS is from Oracle. Therefore the system has in-built security and audit control features protecting data and preserving HRMS database integrity.


    Grasp key data

    An integrated Business Intelligence (BI) system from Oracle brings to TaMIS users a flexible management reporting tool with data extraction in various formats such as PDF or Excel and includes drilling capabilities.

    It comprises proven, leading BI and data warehousing technology, including interactive dashboards and highly formatted reporting.


    Decentralise management of personal information with online secured access

    The Employee Self Service (ESS) function allows each employee to access his/her personal information through personalised secured access.

    On-line leave application and other self-service functions engage the employees and managers in an on-line service, thus eliminating paper-based processes and enhancing efficiency and time availability.

    ESS hence decentralises the management of employee personal information to the employees whilst the HR department maintains a centralised control on the information update.


    Define and compute leaves easily

    This module allows HR rules and other conditions pertaining to leaves to be easily defined by authorised HR users.

    It also caters for a batch end-of-year processing function to facilitate the computation of yearly leave entitlements as well as the refunds of unutilised leaves.


    Make HR and financial systems communicate

    TaMIS integrates seamlessly with any accounting system software that is open to integration.

    All financial transactions originated from TaMIS, such as payroll components, performance bonus resulting from performance appraisal rewards, loan repayments and non-bank payments are interfaced with the financial system.


    Get better control and monitoring of employee loans

    The loan management system (LMS) manages the in-house loans and advances to employees.

    Integrating employee self-service loan application, on-line processing, approval of loans and management of the loan facilities, the LMS offers a complete and adaptable solution.

    LMS is seamlessly interfaced with the accounting systems for disbursement and repayments of the loan.


    Decide efficiently and in line with local laws

    TaMIS is adaptive to the local legislation where the solution is implemented.

    By configuring the rule layer of the TaMIS solution, HR specialists benefit from full local legislation compliance for all the tools of this HR management solution.

    Each organisation’s specific policies can also be included in the rules to make the solution more specific whilst being compliant to local legislation.


    Improve workforce management with a 360˚ view of employees

    TaMIS enhances HR management by providing a wide and complete picture of each employee record and history. 

    HR specialists get quick and clear information about personal and employment details, disciplinary or injury information, on top of data pertaining to appointment, transfers or salary.  

    All changes effected are automatically logged through an audit trail mechanism with the appropriate date and time stamp.